Tuesday, July 1, 2008

G.R.E is the devil

I'm a big dork.

I love going to school. I really miss being in college...and not just because its totally acceptable to get black out drunk on a Tuesday night or create a diet plan based solely on Ramen Noodles, McDonalds and cheese pizza. I miss college because I *gasp* enjoyed the classes.

Now, don't get me wrong. I didn't love all of them and I had my fair share of skipped afternoons and strolling in late, but for the most part I generally enjoyed learning "stuff".

Being in the education field, many of my professors told me it's best to wait on grad school until you have some field experience so you have some actual knowledge to back up all the crap in the book. So it's been a few years and it's time to roll out the red carpet for graduate school.

However, before I can picture myself submerged in the wonderful world of learning, Starbucks in hand, cute new academic wardrobe squarly set, I must overcome a couple obstacles.

Getting in being one. Taking the GRE being the other.

and this is where the whole "G.R.E. is the devil" idea comes into play.

I've been putting this test off for roughly 6 months now and I finally bit the bullet and registered for the end of August. This gives me approximately 2 months to study...so being being the stubborn and set-in-my-ways self that I am, I ignorantly skipped off to Borders to pick up some study books.

$59.95 later, I walked out with my two study guides the size of phonebooks, still feeling confident in my skills.

Until I opened the first one and tried to do the practice test...

holy.mother.of.hell. I. am. screwed.

16+ years of classes, exams and study sessions and I felt like a first grader studying for this.

So needless to say, the next two months will not be filled with visions of cardigans, corduroy and latte's on campus...instead, it will be filled with moments of absolute sheer panic, stress lines and random episodes of head banging against the table at the local starbucks.

stay tuned!


Kate said...

I am so scared for the GRE! I decided that I will take some time off before I go to grad school. I hope I can eventually find the motivation to study!

The One and Only Kristy J said...

i'm sure you'll be fine...you just need to get back in the swing of things. good luck!

Kym said...

yaaaay for a new blog. and i am totally down for your vision of school going back to school i had my pencils sharpened and binders extremely organized. always made sure i had a cute work outfit on for work that was appropriate for class as well. that lasted about 2 months. now i bomb into class late, hair frizzed out from this god for saken heat and starbucks in hand. As for the GRE's good luck with that :) haha, we can hang out in starbucks and study together!!

Traci Anne said...

Check your hopeful grad school's requirements first! I'm up in the air as to whether or not I'll take it, as many of the schools I'm looking at don't require it... Couldn't hurt, I just really don't want to do it!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

If you get really stressed out and procrastinate too much (like me) try going to a study group or hiring someone to help. A lot of my friends have gone to classes and apparently it really helps. I will definitely look into it when I start studying! Good luck!