Friday, May 18, 2007

I have to start off today's ramblings by commenting on how much I am in LOVE with these shoes!!!! I don't know if its the pink/green combination, the bow or the pattern, but these shoes just make me smile!!!
I want. I want. I want.
In other things, I am so sad Grey's is over for another season. I'd love to know what other people thought about it. Personally, I'm not really a fan of Meredith. I find her to be whiny and ugh, just irritating. If McDreamy was standing there begging for my love, I sure would be reassuring him instead of the avoidance game she keeps playing. She's going to end up losing him and then spend 4398503945 monologues next season devoted to her lost love (well duh! it's your fault!)
I feel so bad for poor Izzie. There is something I just love about her. First she loses Denny and now this dilemna with George. My prediction for next year is that George will chose Izzy only to find out Callie is pregnant and then it will become this huge, drawn-out triangle for several episodes. If George or Burke even come back! I've read somewhere neither one has renewed his contract, not that I'm too surprised considering all the gay slander gossip on the set... hmmm...
Is it sad that I discuss and analyze this tv show as if they were real people? ehhh I think not.

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Caitlin said...

where are those shoes from?
i cant figure out on the mac how to "right click" and get the properties haha