Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What Not To Wear

Although I just recently graduated with my teaching degree, I secretly wish and hope and pray to be some famous fashionista with an unlimited wardrobe and invites to all the best shows under the tents. I have an unquenchable thirst for shopping and clothes that isn't deterred by my lack of funds. In an ideal world, I'd have a job like Stacey London on TLC's What Not to Wear. Her and Clinton have made a career off shopping, style and well, basically judging other people's fashion choices...all my favorite past times!!!!

Just talking about it has me all inspired so here it goes...

If there is one rule I can stress over and over and over again.... DRESS FOR YOUR BODY! There is nothing worse than seeing a cute girl walking around in the completely wrong outfit for her body. Pear shaped? Then stay far far away from skinny pants. Have a bigger midsection? Avoid short shirts like the plague. I hate my legs and would definitely classify myself as "curvy" so you will not see me in a mini skirt any time soon but I do know that wide leg pants that fall straight from the hip disguise the thighs and make me look both leaner and taller.

Trends are cropping up everywhere right now and you have to be careful. What's hot in the spring can be dead cold by the fall and you don't want to be caught in a fashion faux paux. Take SOME of the trendier new looks and mix them into your more classic wardrobe. Wedges and Espadrilles work with almost every body type so you can't go wrong. They look great with white linen pants or a cute sundress. As a personal preference, I hate the leggings look. Unless you are skinny, they just don't work and can make you look a lot heavier than you are. When in doubt, stick with the classics, there is nothing better than a freshly ironed polo and your favorite worn in jeans

Everyone's taste is different and style is definately person, but I take these to be universal to all:

Hot, Hot, Hot: empire waste sundresses, wedges, pastel colors, white/black combos, turqoiuse jewelry, oversized sunglasses, bermuda shorts
Not, Not, Not: jean shorts (jorts), platform flipflops, scrunchies, shirts with sparkly words on them (you are not "too hot too handle" or a "sexy angel" and trust me "Don't hate me because I stole your man" is NOT cute)

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redhead said...

Love the new blog! I actually was drooling over a Lily Pulitzer dress in Hingham Centre today. Someday we will shop together and laugh at this!!