Monday, July 2, 2007

It's July!!!

It's July! It's July!!!

I have been waiting months for July to come! and noooo, not because of the 4th (although, I guess as the gf of a deployed Marine, I should be celebrating our Independence?) but no, not the 4th...something MUCH bigger, MUCH better than any fireworks display or red,white and blue themed cook out.....

HARRY POTTER! Yes folks, I am putting it out there for all the world to see and read. I, Marie, am a fully devoted Harry Potter fan and July 2007 is like the month of alll months for Harry Potter fans. Not only do we have the movie coming out (July 11th) but book 7 as well (July 21st). While I'm not going to launch into a full diatribe about the amazingness of HP (yes, there is even a nickname we cool kids give him when in discussion), I will say I give JK Rowling such props. I'm sure she never thought a book about a boy who goes to wizardry school would become one of the most discussed, watched and read topics of the last decade. Her brilliant writing has people of all ages lined up outside Barnes n Nobles around the country for hours before each book release, many of whom rush home at 12:01am and commence a reading marathon until that last page is read.

Personally, I find myself in a moral debate whenever I'm reading the latest HP. They are so good and I'm so interested, I find myself reading it too quickly so I make myself put the book down and walk away only to return and pick it back up 5 minutes later. Its terrible. July 22nd you will find me pacing around my apartment, picking the book up, reading a page, putting it back down, picking the book up, reading..oh you get the point.

While I am not going to be one of the wackos dressed up at the movie in a wizards hat or bearing the lightening bolt scar of Voldemort, I must say once more (in a girlish squeal of delight) eeeeeeeeeeeek I am just so very excited!!!!!

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TCP said...

I'm right there with you...I've been rereading the earlier books to prepare!

And thanks for visiting my blog. :)