Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good for you US Weekly!

While we're happy to provide you with work-avoiding Paris Hilton stories all day long here at, we realize that Paris, like paperwork, is not something you want to take home with you.

That's why this week's issue of Us Weekly is 100% Paris-free!

From front cover to fashion police there are no mentions, no pictures, and nary a "that's hot" to be seen.

So when you're enjoying your weekly bath with the mag, there's no need to worry about Paris bursting your bubbles

Bravo. Golf claps. Standing ovations for US Weekly. I don't know about you but I am so sick of hearing about Paris Hilton. I understand girlfriend's got money and that her dad owns a few hotels (okay more than a few...) but seriously, I'm over it. I was over it awhile ago. Although I must admit, I found the judicial part of this scandal quite interesting. The chaotic few days of Paris being in jail, Paris being on house arrest and Paris being BACK in jail were mildly entertaining to the say the least. The sheriff had a case of celeb-itis and thought he'd get away with it. Not so much.

US Weekly has caught a lot of flack for this decision to pull out of the interview and people are complaining they are a gossip mag, its their job to report the celebrity gossip. While yes, I agree they are definately a celeb tabloid and not the New Yorker, the magazine is still written, edited and manufactured by human beings. They've gotta be just as sick of Paris as I am...its a sad sad day in America when the breaking news on CNN is a socialite being freed from her jail sentence, which came as a result of her own laziness and stupidity (you're worth like $15 billion dollars and you can't afford yellow cab on a Friday night? or better yet, a driver?)and let's face it, she's not famous because of her numerous Academy Award nods or outstanding musical talents. She's famous for her ability to utter "thats hot" during the most advantageous moments and her inability to turn off the camera during the most intimate moments. She spouts that jail changed her and she's going to become a different person now, that she appreciates her life so much more and she's going to make this huge difference in the world. What does little Miss Revolutionary decide to do? Get new hair extensions and do a photoshoot for People. Wow, I think the world hunger problem's been solved!!! And wait- World peace broke out as well. Way to go Paris.
*stepping off soapbox*
Regardless, I am pumped for a Paris Free US Weekly. Plus it has pictures of Suri on the cover... how can you resist?

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