Monday, June 11, 2007

I seem to be at a lack of creativity these past few days and have nothing fun or exciting to write about sooo instead you get to read my random, stream of consciousness thoughts about what's happening in life.

First and foremost- the Sopranos.

I must say, I don't know what to say....all I know is that last night I was ready to call up HBO and Comcast and unleash holy hell when I thought my cable went out, alas it was merely a clever little plot element from the twisted mind of David Chase. A friend of mine said the cast was at Hardrock Cafe in South Florida and you could pay to watch the finale with them. I would LOOOVE to know what happened when it was over. Did people start booing and throwing french fries at James Gandolfini? or did people "get" the overt symbolism and mysticism of it all? Personally, I'd wanted blood and violence and for them to all get killed like any true gangster tale should end.

Secondly- I've decided I want to do too many things in life. Is that possible? Is there a way that I can become a house flipping, real estate investor/wedding planner who also teaches high school english and is a New York Time Bestselling author as well? I'd like to think so, I do know one thing, I'd be the best diet ever... having 34298230984 different jobs = no time to eat. I wonder what kind of wardrobe I'd need for that though and it'd be one hell of a business card.

Lastly- I'd like to pronounce my undying love and affection for this fun little number. I think it's just too cute and whenever I see it, I picture little me spinning in circles in her patent leather Mary-Janes and white lace socks...
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