Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I found heaven.

and yes, it's here on earth. In a shopping plaza on St. Simon's Island, Georgia to be precise. That's right folks, mecca is a little store called Cloister Collection.
What makes Cloister Collection so amazingly, fantastically wonderful you ask? Not only is it a Lilly Pulitzer Premier Retailer, but it also has Vineyard Vines, Eliza B AND Vera Bradley. This means, of course, heaven is not filled with white puffy clouds but pink and green tea length dresses!!! I'm sure I looked like the biggest spaz ever when I stumbled upon this store. I literally stood at the front table for a good 5 minutes just staring at everything, I didn't even know where to start first!!!!

So much of Lilly's summer line is reminiscent of the late, great Jackie O. She is was and always will be the epitome of classy

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Robin said...

OMG! I happened upon your blog bia Jen Lancaster's and I love it. I grew up spending winters on St. Simon's Island and know the Cloister Collection well. I got my first Lilly there so many years ago that I would rather forget. I have since added to my collection of Lillies. Keep up the great posts!