Monday, June 18, 2007

Sooooo I'm on a diet. No, its not Atkins, or South Beach, or Weight Watchers.

I'm not cutting out carbs or fats or red meats. This is worse than that, harder than that, takes about 32948023984 times more willpower than that....

I am cutting out....SHOPPING.

I'm on a debt diet. I have to be. I plan on moving back to Boston in T Minus 2 months aaaaand I'm spending money like I'm New York socialite whose dad invented the post-it note. So from now on, I've cut myself off. No more buying new clothes, no more spending money eating out, no more buying something just because its on sale and I already own the same thing in every other color except that one.

AAAND as if this new lifestyle wasn't shocking to the system enough, there are rampant rumors flying around the blog world that Marshall's got a shipment of Vineyard Vines!!! How is this possible? Like a fat kid who loves cake, a moth to a flame, I ran to my nearest Marshall's to see if this was true. Alas, my local store had nary a vine in sight (much to my relief- can you imagine the moral turmoil I'd be in?) BUT I did manage to find something else.....the damn knee length madras skirt I've been on my epic quest Marshalls.

I had it in my hands, I walked towards the register and I put it down. I couldn't do it. I couldn't cheat on day numero uno of my diet. Damnit.

As if it couldn't get any worse, I went to International Plaza with my mom this weekend where EVERYWHERE was having a sale. Nordstrom's had a shoe sale that made me nearly lose my breath. As we were riding down the escalator my mom gasped and goes "oh god Marie, don't even look" so of course, the first thing I do is look.... lo and behold...about 15 racks of shoes...on sale. again, Damnit.

The last bit of torture was following my mom into Ann Taylor (also having a huge sale). It was like being on a real diet and being forced to shop in Godiva. I had to drag my mom out of there as my credit card burned a hole in my purse.

gahhhh. Depsite it all, I managed to make it through the whole weekend spending only $7 on a Binder and page dividers at Walmart. woooo hooooooo me!!!!

maybe this won't be so hard after all? riiiiiiiiiiiight.


suburban prep said...

I am trying to not spend as much also. I don't have a steady income coming in so I watch every penny that goes out.

Marie said...

ya i agree its hard and certainly no fun :(