Monday, June 25, 2007

Don't you hate it when what you want and what you have don't match up? like wanting the entire summer collection of Lily Pulitzer but actually having only one dress, from 2 seasons ago...

I want to move back to Boston soooooooooo badly...and I want to live in Beacon Hill or Back Bay and I want a job.

What I have: nada. no job. no apartment. zip, zero, zilch. goose-egg. It is so frustrating. I have a couple interviews lined up for the job front so that is promising but I swear this apartment search is going to be the death of me. First of all, I'm doing it from Florida which is no easy feat. People lie, especially people who want to sell you something, so a "spacious, luxurious condo on the water" really translates to a closet sized apartment that faces a sewer puddle outside the nearest T stop. As a result, I've officially become a craigs list addict. Its like my crack. I must check it easily 50 times a day for apartments, roommates and sublets and when I find one I like... aka in the Back Bay or Beacon Hill area, they want someone to move in like tomorrow and I need it for August. I know I will find one. People tell me I'm crazy and that its too expensive and I'll never find one and I need to just settle for somewhere else but I refuse to settle. Not yet anyways. Maybe around July 20th if I'm still going to be homeless I'll expand my horizons. Until then, I'm going to continue to faithfully stalk craigslist, facebook marketplace and every other apartment search engine out there until I find that home I so desire. I have faith my hard work will be rewarded...I do.


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